The Paradise of the Aegean Sea

Skiathos Island has a proven track of record for returning visitors and that happens because of the beauty and the hospitality you get! Come back this summer!

100+ Beaches

all around the island

Skiathos has more than a hundred beaches all around it, each and every single on of them has unique characteristics! There are sandy, rocky and mixed beaches offering mostly nature green pine forest surroundings and crystal blue waters!

Surely almost on every beach you can find beach bars for snacks and coffee and most of them are accessible by public transportation or by car.

You may also take a boat and go around the island and the popular Lalaria beach with the white round stones and the well know hole in the rocks as well as the waters that make you think you swim at an exotic place!

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Skiathos Beautiful Town Atmosphere

with restaurants, bars, shops and more!

Are you into walking in small streets with bright lights, shopping having a relaxing cocktail in a true Greek Scenery? Skiathos Town has more than you ‘d expect!

Find a restaurant all around Skiathos Town and experience the Greek taste and the fresh Greek products in your plate! Wander and shop gifts to get back home, memoirs, clothes and relax at the Old Port with the sea right in front your feet!

The old port is also the starting point for your tours around the island with a boat! You can book in the afternoon and go on the next day morning at the route you feel best! They are all amazing!

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Full of History & Culture

Visit the Monasteries and Chappels

You can feel the culture and history all around the island!

A visit to the monasteries and small churches is a must see for everyone! Did you know the first Greek Flag was made in Skiathos at Evangelistrias Monastery? Now you do!

Alexandros Papadiamantis was a writer and the main pedestrian street and the Airport got their name from him. He is very well known in writing circles and his home has become a museum in his honor and memory.

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